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Starting from nothing, Spark.kc came to be unexpectedly by a wife, mother of 3 very active children, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a full-time Internal Medicine & Pediatrics nurse. 


You're probably wondering, "when does she find the time?" and to be honest I ask myself that daily. 

Permanent Jewelry was not on my radar prior to receiving my first piece and starting a business was not something I had intended on doing with the busy lifestyle I already had but with a super ambitious husband who has always pushed for me to find something I could create on my own and realizing I needed an outlet to conserve the passion for nursing I have, it was an easy decision to start Spark.kc, especially after falling in love with my own pieces and knowing I wanted to be a part of this timeless trend. I jumped in head first, teaching myself how to weld, how to build a website from scratch, where to source product and how to run a successful small business. 


Something about bringing people together for a fun, interactive, personal and memory making experience seemed too good to be true but as it turns out, permanent jewelry has been all of this and more. I never knew I could love something as much as I love being a nurse but I've also never put it past this life to show the most unexpected path that turns out to be just what you needed. 

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