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The combinations are endless with over 50+ chains to choose from ranging in:

Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, & Gold, Silver, Rose Gold Stainless Steel.

All our chains are made from sustainable materials making them hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant and have been carefully selected to ensure the best quality possible. Unfortunately, we have come across dishonest manufacturers that have caused us to pull chains from our selection after finding out they are not the quality we expect them to be. When this occurs we ask that you let us know immediately and we will provide a new piece at no cost to you.


We love that we can provide materials that are durable and long lasting, but we unfortunately cannot guarantee the life range for our chains as it is very specific to the wearer and what their day-to-day living consists of. We will guarantee the initial "Spark" for up to 30 days. If anything is to happen after those 30 days and the chain remains intact we will re-spark for just $10 as long as the chain in intact.